Welshterriers of Samara

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First four welshterriers in Kuibyshev brought from Czechoslovakia huntsman of the hunting facilities "Rubegnoe" Viktor Borodin in 1987. Male dog Arion Galub 1344/wt born 02.05.86 (f. CACIT, holedog SIR od LETICKE SKALI 10593 CHSSR, m. z KSAVEROVSKE OBORY, 12270/CHSSR) had an estimation excellent and hunting diplomas 2- the fox; 1-, 2- - badger. Fimale ZITA z DRACHE ROHLI had an estimation very good, second fimale BARA z VINICHNE STRANE born 03.03.87 (f. HUT KACOVSKIH SKAL 11446/CH SSR, m. BIGGY z ROVENSKEHO REVIRU 12400/CHSSR) had the diploma I-badger, third fimale is a sister previous BONA z VINICHNE STRANE 1364/wt, 14087/CHSSR an estimation very good, diploma the fox was given to Kosichkin V.M. Blood of these dogs till now meet in Samara welshterriers, however neither on working qualities, nor on the ex-terrier of the especially produced descendants is not present.

Two workers males the hunter Solopov Viktor P. has brought from Penza. It YANMAR 1801/96, born 13.05.92 ( f. champ. MARQUIS 1477/91, m. YANSNA 1420/wt, very good, dipl.2- the fox; - badger) and YASHKA 1828/98, born 09.05.95 ( f. FRENK RKF 0000086, m. best fimale of 6-th Allrussia rase of wt.VITA, very good, 2-I fox; -badger). YANMAR has given good descendants.

There are in Samara approximately thirty welshterriers now. One of most title Samara welshterriers is male DANT 1827/97 born 27.01.95, (f. YANMAR 1801/96, m. ASSOL - BESTSHAIGRY sertificate 006-90, excellent, 2xCAC, 3XBIG, BIS; dipl. 3- fox; 1- badger, -blood's track ouner Shlikova .P.) In 2000 is bought in Moscow perspective fimale SIVERSKAYA BIYA (f. THE BOSS 1843/97, m. ARMA 095 To - 94/0022-1) 4xCAC; 3- the fox.

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